Fava Beans

Also known as broad beans or horse beans, these larger beans can be boiled as delightful additions to your salads or cooked and pureed for appetizers and spreads. This recipe, another wonderful classic from the Olive Oil Dishes category, uses fresh fava pods before they become the beans many of us know.  The pods look like green beans but are typically larger with a darker green color.

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Fresh green fava pods (1 lb or 1/2 kg)

Scallions (4-5 stems)

Onion (1 small)

Olive oil (3/4 cup)

Flour (1 tbsp)

Lemon juice (3-4 tbsp)


Salt to taste

And for the sauce:




Coming Soon

“Imam Fainted!” (Imam Bayıldı) recipe coming soon. Imam had good reason. This is truly a heavenly dish!