Interestingly enough, Turkey is not a country known for its turkeys or turkey dishes although one may expect an association with the English name of this country. Turkey, the bird, was introduced to the European culture only after the 15th century, following the Spanish inquisition and the discovery of this bird in the American continent. It also didn’t make a place for itself on the Ottoman menus until the 19th century. Here is a dish from Chef Bulent Metin, a chef instructor at the Istanbul Culinary Institute, turning this bird into a tasty shish kebab served over a bed of roasted and minced vegetables.

Chef Metin is a third generation chef in a family of chefs from the village of Mengen, in Bolu, a city famous for its heritage of chefs and recipes of the Ottoman Palace. The village of Mengen calls itself “the capital of chefs” and has an annual cooking competition and festival for professional cooks. Chef Metin joined IstCI in 2007.


Turkey Breast (800 gr/1.5-1.7 pounds)

Oregano (Fresh, 1/2 pckg, 1 tbsp)

Honey (1 tbsp, 50 gr)

Garlic (7 cloves)

Soy sauce (1/4 cup, 200 ml)

Olive oil (1/4 cup, 200 ml)

Eggplants (4 small, or 2 large)

Tomatoes (4 medium)

Long green peppers (Anaheim/Çarliston, 7)

Red Pepper paste (1 tbsp, 50 gr)

Red Pepper flakes to taste

Butter (1 tbsp, 50 gr)

Rosemary (1 pckg, 7-8 branches)

Shallots (5-7 small, 100 gr, cleaned)

Basil leaves (soaked in warm water, 10-15 large leaves)

Red pepper (1 large, medium cubed, 100 gr)

Green pepper (1 large, medium cubed, 100 gr)

Cherry tomatoes (1 pckg)

Salt, pepper to taste

Serve with purslane or baby spinach.

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